How Should I Prepare for Treatment?

In order to enhance the value of therapy and your wellness, we ask that prior to your treatment, you turn off all cell phones and other electrical devices. We advise that you plan your activities so that after each treatment, especially the first few, you can relax and allow yourself to gain the maximum benefit. We recommend you allow plenty of time to get to your appointment, so you are not hurried for your treatment. For the rest of the day (of the treatment), avoid strenuous exercise, large meals, alcohol, and sexual activity. Continue prescription medicine exactly as directed by your physician. Be aware of changes in your patterns of functioning- attitudes, emotions, sleep, appetite, levels of energy, etc.- in order to provide feedback to the acupuncturist. Lastly, we encourage you to cultivate respect for your body-mind-spirit. Treat yourself to adequate mental and physical rest, nutrition, and exercise.